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Gouvia is a village and resort situated around Gouvino Bay in Corfu, Greece. It is situated around 8km (5 miles) North of Corfu town.

Gouvia, a small former fishing village has been developed throughout the last four decades into a modern holiday resort.

Gouvias position in a natural harbour made it an ideal location for a shipyard, this was exploited during the Venetian occupation, when they built their arsenal in the village. The remains of it today are notable in the area.

Gouvia is ideal for couples and families visiting the island of Corfu, it provides an up to date and secure place for vacation. and has been popular since the 70s to people coming from most of the European countries.

Gouvia is set on a bay and offers a pebble beach. The calmness of the day and the lively atmosphere of the night, both combined with a feeling of coziness are offered to its visitors.

The local people are nice, friendly and eager to show to the foreign vacationists the way of the Greek hospitality.

The village has a Greek Orthodox church, names All Saints'. There are many bars, restaurants and tavernas along the main street. There are a number of large hotels and self-catering apartments in the village.

Gouvia Marina, Kontokali, Limni (Kommeno Bay) 

Orthodox Church at Kontokali

Orthodox Church at Gouvia